Japanese children enjoyed Japanese cultural experience.

They tried making Yatstuhashi, which is famous sweets in Kyoto. Yatsuhashi is one of the most famous souvenirs in Kyoto.

The ingredients of Yatsuhashi are rice flour, sugar and cinnamon and its texture is similar to mochi.(rice cake)

There are two kinds of Yatsuhashi; non-baked and baked.

Although baked Yatsuhashi originated before non-baked one, non-baked Yatsuhashi has become much more popular than baked Yatsuhashi.

Non-baked Yatsuhashi usually has sweet anko(red bean paste) sandwiched inside.

Have you ever tried anko?

If you haven’t, you should try it.

Making Yatsuhashi is very easy and fun.

Here is how:

  1. Cut out the sheet of Yatsuhashi.
  2. Put anko in the center
  3. Fold it in half.

It was interesting to see children making Yatsuhashi in various shapes.

One made a perfect triangle Yatsuhashi which looked like you can buy them in shops.

Others made many small Yatsuhashi, rolled Yatsuhashi and millefeuille Yatsuhashi.

If you have a chance to come to Kyoto, why don’t you try making Yastuhashi?

Photos: provided by Manaasobi (partner of FEJ)