Program5 Kyoto with Kids Guided Tour

Tour provided by local moms who know what kids will enjoy! Who better to give you and your family a tour than a local mom who knows all the best spots to take kids?


  • Local educated moms who know the area well can take you to places in which the staff only speak Japanese and places which only the locals know about. Your family may be able to have a totally unique experience during your stay in Kyoto by going somewhere not listed in the guidebooks.
  • Because we are moms raising kids in Kyoto, we can help entertain your kids throughout the tour, to ensure they enjoy the experience, and even watch them for a bit if we need to.
  • Please let us know what you would like to do. We will design a program specifically for your family.


  • Walking around Fushimi Inari with your kids & Making Japanese sweets
  • “Maiko” makeover as a family & visiting a shrine known for wisdom (Kitano Tenmangu)
  • Other: We can show you little known charming spots in Kyoto which kids can also enjoy

Program Information


All families with children of any age.


Please contact us with your request for Time.


Please contact us with your request for Date.


12,000 per family (2 hours); You will also be asked to cover the guide's transportation fee; entry fees if you visit somewhere which requires them; and lunch/snack fees.


Please contact us and let us know what you are interested in doing or where you would like to go. From there we will design a tour just for you.


-Extension 3,000 per half hour