(Sample program)

・Authentic tea ceremony in a traditional tea room

You can experience “sado,” (Japanese tea ceremony) born from the spirit of zen, in a traditional tea room which is not open to the public. This is something you can’t typically do with children, so please enjoy this taste of the extraordinary.

・Zen Meditation

While viewing the garden of this 300 year old temple, you can experience zen meditation next to a Buddha statue. We know traveling with kids can be tiring, so please take this time to relax and enjoy the quiet.

・Traditional Japanese flower arrangement

Different from western flower arrangement, you can experience Japanese flower arrangement in which you can feel “wabi sabi” Japan’s sense of beauty. We will provide you with tips which you can use to create your own arrangements at home. This can be enjoyed by adults on their own, or with the whole family.

・Kids program

While parents take part in “sado” or zen meditation, our staff of local moms will take care of your children. For kids elementary age and older, we will plan some sort of activity or small craft which represents Kyoto. We want your children to get something out of their time with us.

・Lunch at a temple

Traditional Japanese lunch box (vegetarian lunch box available)
If you would like, our staff can watch your children during the meal so you can truly savor the food and atmosphere of the temple.

・Geisha Makeover

In and “ochaya” in the oldest “hanamachi” you can experience a real geisha makeover. Our staff will join you in order to help with communication between you and the “ochaya” staff (they have limited English). We can also provide staff to look after your children during your transformation meaning your child(ren) can go to the “ochaya” as well.