Program Lunch at the Temple (Exclusive)

This program takes place in a 300 year old zen temple, located centrally, but not full of people, a hidden treasure in Kyoto. You can enjoy a relaxing time here with your family including kids.

Parents can spend time on their own taking a walk around the temple grounds or just sitting and enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature. The Japanese maple trees are especially beautiful in the fall when the leaves change colors, but also in the spring when the new green leaves appear.

You can also easily access other sightseeing spots such as Kinkakuji (The Golden Pavilion), Kitano-Tenmangu, and Arashiyama. We can watch your children at Daruma Temple while you go sightseeing. Please contact us for prices.

2 hour plan includes casual Japanese tea – 20,000 / family (max. 2 children); one partner (local mom to support your experience) will attend and entertain your children. If you need detailed guidance for adults, request an additional partner (additional fee). (or choose Program 4 Authentic Kyoto)

Optional add ons, for an additional fee
1. Casual flower arranging(Must reserve no later than 3 days in advance because we need time to get materials)2,000 yen per person
2. Casual matcha experience 1,000 yen per person
2. Extension of time 5,000 yen per hour


  • We will entertain your children with traditional games and toys so you can enjoy this one of a kind relaxing experience. Older kids can enjoy a cultural experience.
  • Only for participants of this program - you can order a lunch of Japanese food to have privately at the temple. (Vegetarian and kids' menus available)
  • Our staff, chiefly made of local educated mothers, will be there to meet you, please enjoy the opportunity to communicate with a local mom.

Example of activities

Several activities are chosen considering the preference of kids, weather and other conditions.

Trying Zen training
Hitting the fish wood block (a wood block at temples that is struck while chanting)
Traditional Japanese crafts
Ringing the temple bell
Japanese flower arrangement
Learning how to pray at a temple altar

Program Information


All families with children of any age.


For information on Time, please contact us as this is a custom made program.


For information on Days, please contact us as this is a custom made program.


For information on Rate, please contact us as this is a custom made program.


Horinji (Daruma Temple) 5 min. walk from JR Enmachi 10-15 min. by taxi from central Kyoto Transportation is to be provided by the customer, it is not included in the program fee.


One drink (per family member); Childcare


Transportation to/from the place of program, Lunch (available as an option)


If you would like a more detailed and authentic experience, please choose Program 4 - Authentic Kyoto.

-Please order lunch or bring by yourself.
-In case of participants has any food allergy, please bring lunch by yourself for the safety purpose.

(Traditional flower arrangement)
-For traditional flower arrangement, 3 days in advance reservation is necessary to procure material.