Program Kyoto with Kids Club – Karasuma Gojo

The only kids’ program made for tourists in Kyoto! (Can also join as a family)

While conveniently located in the center of Kyoto, you can feel the atmosphere of days past in our Karasuma Gojo location. Located on the second floor of a “machiya” an old style town house, guests will feel at home and can experience both traditional and every day activities. This program is designed to ensure the participating children and/or families not only see with their eyes, but also take something back from their experience.


  • Kids can join without parents. While kids are enjoying their time, parents can enjoy a more relaxing time, shopping, and more around Kyoto.  Some things we recommend for parents to enjoy during their time without kids: Fancy restaurant, Sake brewery tours including Yamazaki Whiskey Factory, museums.
  • Located in central Kyoto and within walking distance of Kyoto Station, this location is easily accessible even for families traveling with children.
  • We are thinking of many ways for participants to communicate with local people, especially children. There's an English conversation classroom on site, so participants may have the chance to talk with local kids learning English.
  • Families can join! Because you get to choose the time and/or program you would like to join, it's perfect for those days when you have some time but nothing to do or for rainy days when you don't want to go outside.

Sample schedule

9:00-10:00 Explore Kyoto with kids

Before venturing out, we will teach you some basic Japanese useful for getting around the city and give you some recommendations of places to go around Kyoto with kids.
With our tips your Kyoto adventure will be ten times more fun!

Included: Japanese tea, light meal such as “onigiri” (rice ball), Japanese phrase book, original map of places to go in Kyoto with kids

10:00 – 11:00 Explore Traditional Culture – Kimono Textile Art

From local artisans to mass production, while protecting the traditional, but continuing to be innovative, you can learn about the history and production of “Kyo-yuzen” or kimono textile art. You will experience “Kyo-yuzen” by designing your very own, one of a kind bag which of course you will get to take with you.

Included: materials for activity *1

11:00 – 12:00 Explore Japanese Food – Making “Makizushi” rolled sushi

After learning a little about Japanese food, you can enjoy a lesson in making “makizushi”

12:00-13:00 Lunch time & Explore Origami

Enjoy the “makizushi” you made for lunch. In the leftover time, try doing some origami. *2

13:00 – 14:00 Explore Japanese Art – Experience Ink Painting

Using a brush with ink, try drawing a picture like one you’d see in a temple. You can take your painting with you and may even want to display it in your home!

14:00 – 15:00 Explore Kansai’s Local Soul Food – Experience “takoyaki” party

“Takoyaki” are a snack of doughy balls typically with octopus (“tako”) inside, but really anything can be a filling (banana, chocolate, cheese, sausage, etc). The “takoyaki” are grilled on a special griddle pan. When Kansai locals want a snack, “takoyaki!” When Kansai locals have a party, “takoyaki” party! Enjoy an afternoon snack like a local with some locals! *3

15:00 – 16:00 Explore Japanese Play – Experience Origami “chanbara” (sword)

Make an origami sword and helmet and take them to the local park to play with local kids. *4

16:00 – 17:00 Explore Japanese Language – Experience Calligraphy

Since you are in Japan, try to learn some Japanese! Even better, try writing some Japanese with ink and a brush. You will want to take your artwork home to display in your house. If you have some character or meaning you’d like to write, please let us know! *1

*1 Wear clothes which can get dirty
*2 If you participate in this program without joining the “makizushi” program, please bring your lunch. When you join just this program, the price is 2000 yen per person.
*3 We will use flour and eggs, so please tell us if your child has allergies. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.
*4 In the case of rain, this program will be changed to an indoor program.

The above is a basic program guide. When only one person has reserved a spot, the program contents may be changed.


 1 person2 persons3 persons4 personsOver 5 person
1 class3,000per person
2,800 per person
2,600 per person
2,400 per person
2 class in a raw6,0005,700per person
5,400 per person
5,100 per person
4,700 per person
3 class in a raw9,0008,800per person
  • Children age 4 and up can join without parents (Younger siblings from age 2 can join)
  • Siblings are free if they do not participate in activities
  • When reserving for 1 child, we ask that you reserve a minimum of 2 hours; when reserving for more than 1 child, you can reserve 1 hour or more.
  • Discount for groups of 2 or more

2.5 hours Program

AM course 10-12:30 Yuzen textile / Makizushi JPY6,000
PM course 13-15:30 Ink painting/ Takoyaki party JPY6,000

10-11 Yuzen textile
11-12:30 Makizushi

13-14 Ink painting
14-15:30 Takoyaki party

Explore Traditional Culture – Kimono Textile Art
Explore Japanese Art – Experience Ink Painting
Walking to nearby temples and shrines

Program Information


Children ages 4 to 15 (For details, refer to the note below) or Family with child(ren) from 0 years old


See the schedule above and select the time slot you would like to participate in.


Every day except for Sunday (Please confirm)


See the separate schedule above.


3 min walk from Subway Karasuma Gojo station. Next to the north side of Aranvert Hotel (Lisas Studio)


All materials for activities, Water


Transportation to/from the place of program


-Siblings under 4 can attend with the same fee with advanced reservation.
-If you participate in the "lunch time" program without joining the "makizushi" program, please bring your lunch. When you join just the "lunch time" program, the price is 2000 yen per person.
-In case of participants has any food allergy, please bring lunch by yourself for the safety purpose.