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If you are free with your kids on Nov. 21, you should get a chance to join our monitor food edutainment program!
See the below details and apply now! (first-come, first-served!)

Now apply here!

(For whole family)Japanese food edutainment
Clean/fillet a whole fish & making Miso at Machiya (a traditional merchants’ wooden house)

Experience Japanese soul food cooking with fish and miso.
This program will give you a sense of miracle of fermented foods and MOTTAINAI spirit (Don’t be wasteful!)! A fishshop owner with over 50-year experience will fillet and cook a whole fish, just for you! Adults and older kids, let’s help a fish master!! Smaller kids can also enjoy making miso and rice balls at the atmospheric wooden house. Make your own Miso paste and you can take it home to savor the memories later.

PlaceA over 100-year-old machiya (wooden merchant’s house) near imperial palace
TimeScheduled for 10:00-13:00
DatePlease inquire with your preferred date
ParticipantsThis program is only available for family with child/children aged under 12.
PriceJPY60,000 incl. lunch per family (2 adults and 2 children*)
Only now! Special trial price JPY10,000 is available for a family who can join on November 21 wed. (first-come, first-served basis)

Important points before applying trial programs:
Please read the following terms carefully and apply after agreeing to them.

  1. Please arrange transportation to the program site.  (We cannot offer pick-up service for the trial program)
  2. Please contact us immediately if you need to cancel reservation or change plans. We can only take cancellations on the program 48 hours before the program starts.
  3. Participants need to have valid international travel insurance for any injuries, damages during the program.
  4. Please make sure you agree: to write program review for future program improvement, and permission to use photographs for advertising purposes.