My 8-year-old son and I went to Kyoto Railway Museum. Although my son is not so enthusiastic about trains and steam locomotives, we spent more than 2 hours exploring the museum.

Kids can not only see trains, bullet trains (shinkansen), they can also have a hands-on experience controlling train systems, sitting on the driver’s seat, playing the conductor and so on.

If your children like Thomas, Charginton, or vehicles, this is the must-go place!!

The museum is located in Umekoji Park, about 20 minutes from Kyoto station by walk, or you can take Kyoto City Bus.

In Umekoji Park, you can also visit Kyoto Aquarium.
I recommend walking to the park, as you may find it a bit hard to take the stroller on the crowded bus.
And the new train station which is situated in front of the Railway Museum is under construction and will open on March 16, 2019.
With the new train station (Umekoji Kyoto Nishi Station) , it is only a stop (about 5 minutes ride) from Kyoto Station!

Kyoto railway museum is very new (open since 2016), so you will feel comfortable with the facilities such as diper changing tables, nursing rooms.
You can even  rent a  stroller. (for free,but limited numbers available)

Inside the museum, there are restaurants and the shop which sells special “train lunch box” (ekiben).
One of the restaurants is located on the train!
You can experience eating your lunch on the train, just as you are travelling on the train!

You can also bring in food, snack and beverage.

for toddlers ★★★
for pre-schoolers ★★★
schoolkids ★★★
stroller friendly ○
diaper changing table○
nursing room ○
parking △