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Do you know that? There are many rental bicycle shops in Kyoto! Now, almost all shops have Electric bikes with a child’s seat.
Would you like to know how to travel to Kyoto by electric bikes?

Let’s check and have fun to trip Kyoto more.

What are good things or bad things about riding an electric bike?
How to rent it?  How to choose the route?


A cyclist aged 16 or older carries an infant (under 6 years old) on infant-seat or on cyclist’s back firmly tied down with string. A cyclist aged 16 or older carries two infants on “bicycle especially designed to have two infants”. A cyclist aged 16 or older carries an infant on “bicycle especially designed to have two infants” and another infant firmly tied down with string on cyclist’s back.

[Kyoto Prefecture Road Traffic Regulations] In case tandem (two-person bicycle having a pair of pedals arranged one behind the other) has one passenger other than a driver while driving.

Rules and Penalties on Riding Bicycle

What are Electric Bikes?

Something that may surprise visitors to Japan is how common it is for parents to ride bicycles with child seats at the front and rear.

In Japan, cycle manufacturers began releasing specially designed models with front and rear child seats following initial approvals by the Police Department in 2009.

Not only are these safely designed, but many come with a rechargeable electric assist feature. This helps provide a smooth ride even on hilly roads by using an electric motor to augment pedal power. This feature greatly helped parents who need or want to transport their children by bicycle, because riding with electric assist does not need much skill or power. Also any driver’s license not required. In addition, it is very convenient because the effective range is 30-50km per charge. You know that, it is a perfect vehicle to go around Kyoto.

How to rent the Electric bikes

You can find some rental bicycle shops around any popular station. (exp. JR Kyoto St., Arashiyama, Kawaramachi and more).

ID (passport, Driver’s license) and Mobile Phone# for rent any gear. If you don’t have tourist insurance, you can apply it in the shop. About big rental companies, you can choose a different place to pick up and return.

Do you want more details? Please ask the shop.

Kyoto Miyabiya

AM 8:30〜PM 7:00
Address: 323 Kamijyuzuya-machi, shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-city Kyoto 600-8150 Tel: +81-75-354-7060


AM 6:30~PM 10:00
Address: 58 Higashikujo-Muromachi, Minami-ku, Kyoto-city Kyoto 601-8001
Tel: +81-75-691-0794

Why is the electric bike useful for Kyoto with kids?

3 top of good reasons

  1. There are too many passengers on the bus, and only dark sight in the subway. That’s boring and stressful for kids. If you choose a trip by bicycle, the back seat kids have fun sightseeing with picking some snacks.
  2. Don’t worry to find any parking space. Almost spot like temples, parks, shops, has a bicycle parking area in front of the gate. So you don’t need to walk in the crowd from any station.
  3. When you find a nice place, you can stop by anytime. In a safe place, you can leave your heavy luggage in the bicycle front basket.
Here Kyoto aquarium and Umekoji-park. You can park a bicycle inside the space.

3 notice for bicycle trip

  1. It cost around 2000 yen per 1 bike. sometimes add an extra charge for kids’ seats.  So, It’s may be more expensive than local transportation.
  2. I know the little kids often change physical conditions. Making a reservation to rent a bicycle, you have to accept the cancellation policy. And it’s difficult to find electric bikes with kids’ seats on the day in a busy season.
  3. You have to care about the bicycles when it would be stolen, or face the traffic accident.

How far can you go by bicycle? The best route for Kyoto with kids

The electric bike can run at least 30 km (changing due to the road conditions).
Let’s check the distance from Kyoto station to some spot in Kyoto.

  • The Temple Kiyomizu: 3.5km
  • Arashiyama: 11km
  • The Golden Temple: 9km
  • The Shimogamo shrine: 7.2km

Don’t worry about lost in Kyoto, the Kyoto city map is easy. You can see it if you look.
There are many fantastic spots in Kyoto, please make a plan to drop by your favorite place, Your kids also enjoy Kyoto.

Finally, you want to back home directly, I recommend cycling the road along the Kamo river without signal.

How about hold a riverside picnic?

We have many other recommendable place for kids. Please see the back number!