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Kyoto Station is the central station in Kyoto. A lot of people use this station to transfer to/from rail lines such as Shinkansen, JR, and the subway and it is easily accessed from the two airports as well as large cities like Osaka, Tokyo etc. It is always crowded, so your image may be that it’s not good for children. Did you think it’s just a place to get on a train? Actually, Kyoto Station is like heaven for children! Local mom, Miho, who lived 3 minutes on foot from Kyoto station for 6 years will tell you how great Kyoto Station is!

Four shopping centers around Kyoto Station which are easy to go to with kids

There are many shopping centers within walking distance (about 5min.) from the central part of Kyoto Station. Among them, I recommend 4 spots for the family who wants to buy good quality items but also care about efficiency because they will be with their children.

1. Kyoto Isetan

If you want to buy top-class, especially Made In Japan products, Isetan department store is the best place. You can find anything from the most the latest trends in cosmetics and clothing to high-quality wooden hand-made toys for kids. It is just 1-3 minutes from any ticket gate of trains such as Shinkansen, JR, and Kyoto city subway. In addition, if you want to buy souvenirs, why don’t you go the underground of Isetan? It was just renovated this year! There is always something new! Just browsing can be fun too! If you want to buy the trendy souvenirs, I recommend Isetan!

Address:Kyoto Station Building

2. Avanti

If you want unique Japanese things for a bit cheaper, or if your kids are teens, Avanti shopping center, just 3 minutes from the Shinkansen gate, is the place for you. Daiso (100 yen shop) and “Don Quixote” are two of the favorite shops for travelers from all over the world. Japanese teens often buy clothes and shoes here, so your teenagers may like it.
Don Quixote

3. Yodobashi Camera

Although it is an electronics shop, you can also get other things such as cosmetics and health goods. Also, there is an impressive toy section! Japanese toys and anime goods make great souvenirs. In addition, there is a supermarket in the basement, so it’s a good place to experience Japanese supermarkets!

4. Aeon Mall Kyoto Hachijoguchi

If you want to avoid crowds and go shopping, visit Aeon Mall! It is easy to go there with children and has amenities such as nursing rooms readily available. You can enjoy UNIQLO and MUJI, two stores which Japan is proud of.
Also, children’s paradise, Toys R Us is here! Please be careful, you may get stuck and unable to move for an hour because your child is playing with the toys on display. I, Miho, also used to play there every weekend when my child was small!

If your children are suddenly starving, don“t worry! There is a wide range of restaurants from sushi to steak, so you and your children are sure to find something you can both enjoy!
It is about a 5 minute walk from Kyoto Station Hachijoguchi. A free shuttle bus also runs on weekends!

Something for both kids and adults: Family friendly restaurants in Kyoto Station building

Kyoto Station has anything and everything. There are many restaurants that you can enjoy with your children. I will introduce some restaurants that you can easily go with children and also enjoy Japanese culture.
The only problem is they are often very crowded! If you are able, it is best to avoid the peak times.

1. Matcha Parfait of Tsujiri

Recommended for those who want to enjoy MATCHA (green tea) Sweets. Tsujiri is in Isetan on the 6th floor.
When people think of Kyoto, Tsujiri comes to mind. Tsujiri makes more than 10 types of parfait using Kyoto matcha! You can also enjoy shaved ice in summer! Sweets of the Japanese style are perfect for the hot Kyoto summer. There is no doubt that children will be happy!
There is almost always a line, but if you go just after the opening time or just before the closing time, you won’t have to wait so much. Picky children may not like it.

2. Yodobashi Camera restaurant street

A food floor on the 6th floor of Yodobashi Camera, which is not usually so crowded.
You can enjoy typical Japanese food such as ramen, tonkatsu and okonomiyaki. If you’re tired of looking for a restaurant in the crowd of Kyoto Station, Yodobashi Camera is waiting for you.

Yodobashi camera restaurant street


Japan is about ramen! Ippu-do is located not only in Japan but also in the world cities such as NY and Paris. Because the rotation is fast, you can be guided relatively quickly even if the shop is crowded. There is also a ramen set for children, so please try to taste the authentic Ippu-do with your children. It is located in Porta, a shopping area in the Kyoto Station underground area. Other than Ippu-do, you can find many other restaurants from Japanese, such as Japanese noodles, Otchazuke, etc. to bakeries in Porta.

Fun for kids! 3 things to do in Kyoto Station building

1. The big stairs are fun for both kids and adults −Muromachi koji hiroba−

If you come to Kyoto station, you should definitely check it out! As you go up the escalator from the central entrance, you can see the big staircase! At night, you can enjoy projection mapping tailored to the season. This large staircase is made up 171 steps and goes up 11 floors, a total length of 70 meters. From the top floor you can look down on the area around Kyoto Station. In the Christmas season there is a large Christmas tree on display!

You can buy bread or lunchboxes in the basement of Isetan and have them on the stairs. You have plenty of places to sit since there are 171 stairs! (Please take the trash with you or throw it away in a bin)

In addition, there is a nice garden with views of all four directions on the rooftop , so you can have a picnic. My children like to play with bubbles here!

2. Special experience for kids! Hair cut riding a car!

On the 7th floor of Isetan, which is the children’s floor, there is a hair salon for children only! You can get a haircut sitting in a car! How about making a special memory for your kids?

3. Cosy Kids space surrounded by toys!

There is a playground in the toy section on the same floor. This indoor playground is perfect for hot days in Kyoto, which are coming soon! While children are playing, you can buy high quality Japanese children’s clothes from brands such as Mikihouse. (Please keep an eye on your children!)

Now, you know how great Kyoto Station is not only for adults but also for kids is, don’t you? You can get anything at Kyoto Station! There is no need to worry about where to buy souvenirs in the city. You can just plan enough time at Kyoto Station before leaving for your next destination. Kyoto Station is the best place for families and children to shop, eat and have a good time. Even still, if your kids get bored, and you want to enjoy shopping more freely, you can join our kids club, located just one subway station from Kyoto Station (about 500 yen by taxi) !