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Are you hoping to plan something fun and memorable to do with your kids?

Do you want to explore locally treasured sites with your family, NOT herds of the average tourist?

Make memories that will last a lifetime, and accommodate your particular needs as well. Nailed it, right?

If that is the case, I bet we are just for you.

Family Experience Japan is exclusively designed for (and by! We are parents too and understand about snacks, breaks and changes of mood) families with kids.

We want to satisfy the curiosity and needs of your unique family.
Meet local parents who live in Kyoto. They are ready to share their expert knowledge about what and where you and your kids will enjoy visiting.

We would be more than happy to be informed of ideas we have yet to discover that you could plan to do with kids.
Family Experience Japan and our partners, whose members mainly consist of local mothers in Kyoto, are thrilled to make your Japanese experience an adventurous one.

Now. Shall we Kyoto with kids? *

Features of our program

Local mothers with high educational and professional backgrounds provide unique family experience exclusively designed for family with Kids.
Our “Kyoto with Kids programs” are exclusively designed for the family that is full of intellectual curiosity

Edutainment to feel Kyoto

Exclusive edutainment programs add value, and fun for the whole family!
Family Experience Japan and our partners, a team of local Kyoto mothers, share a rich base of local knowledge with our programs.

Not as just guides and loving mothers, but also as working moms, our partners come from a wide variety of professions such as education, tourism, food industry, hospitality industry, designers and artists.

Connect with local people

Close relationships with local Kyoto people, will deepen your cultural experience and bonds you with the essence of Kyoto.

Are you curious about street life? Doing Kyoto is a must for catching a glimpse of real Kyoto and its people!

Forget about parents’ duties

Family Experience Japan and our partners support and cheer international travelers with small kids with warm, caring hospitality.

All programs are planned and made from both a childs’ eye view and their parents’. You’re BOTH on vacation!

Our Story

Idea of Family Experience Japan was generated in August 2018 from light conversation among three mothers who love traveling and meeting people all over the world. We believe bringing better experience in Kyoto for families from all over the world makes better world for our children in future. This activity started from those three mothers has been expanding involving local mothers and local people such as traditional merchants and temples with same passion to make better society.

We are also aiming to create fields for mothers with child-rearing, to give them an opportunity to utilize their skills and experiences. This will help improve the situation in Japan where the percentage of female individuals actively participating in society is the lowest in the developed countries.
”According to the World Economic Forum, gender gap index for Japan is listed as the 114th in the 144 countries; the lowest in the developed countries.”(The Global Gender Gap Report 2017)

We believe power of those mothers makes the world a better place with more lively local people.

Kyoto for families traveling with kids

Kyoto is a great place for kids because

  1. Culture: it’s the perfect mix of culture, both old and new
  2. Education: Kyoto has the most World Heritage sites in all of Japan, you are guaranteed to run into at least one on your trip
  3. Nature: the entire family can enjoy relaxing in Kyoto’s nature

Local moms provide information and various programs to make sure your family has the best Kyoto experience possible!


To build a future with a society which encourages individuality.


We want to create a place and opportunities for local families and families from abroad, both travelers and foreign families living in Kyoto, to interact and communicate with each other.


  • Fun for everyone
  • Everyone is important
  • Created by everyone

Our Team


Hi. My name is Toshiko. I was born in Kyoto and love this city very much. I have two young children. I studied in Vancouver, Canada and while I was there, I volunteered in a kindergarten and an elementary school. I am running a small English school and take my students to go abroad to study English, culture and real communications. Then, I noticed that children are more receptive to new things than adults. They learned more than we expected through a trip. So, I believe it is very important to have fun and good educational programs for young tourists to Japan, too. I know it can be a bit stressful when we are on a trip with young ones. FEJ helps you to avoid the kind of stress and make your trip valuable for both parents and children. Please join our great edutainment programs to have wonderful experiences with your children!
(Bachelor of Liberal Arts, TTCE Diploma)


Hello! I’m Yoppi! I was born in Kyoto and studied about International Relations. A mother of 2 boys (age 3&5). Currently flying around as a flight attendant for both domestic and international routes. As a travel lover, I always seek for something fun for my kids, or for us:parents, hopefully for both.  Once a year or two, we go to Europe to take some trains ( like Glacier Express or Bird Flight line, and simply ICE etc.) Or we visit some car maker museums.  I figured out through these trips, planning ahead and researching deeply are the best way to make our trip with kids easy and fun! And with these preparation, travel abroad with children can be much easier!! I will do my best research for guests who has no idea about where to go with kids in Kyoto, and also, I’m an expert in hosting people ( 7-year career as a flight attendant, Certified Super Host of British Colombia, Canada). You can count on us and just enjoy!!
  (Bachelor of Arts)

Miho Akasaka

Hi! My name is Miho. I was born, raised and studied in Kyoto, and after working in Tokyo and NY, I returned to Kyoto to raise my kids. I love meeting people from all over the world, so after I studied in Germany as an exchange student, I had been engaged in international business over 15 years with a lot of business trip from Europe, US and Asian countries and 2-year work experience in NY, which was so exciting!

Now, as a mother with two boys, I am challenging to make the families of the world closer to create peaceful future for our children through SFE. I really hope both you and your kids can enjoy real Kyoto and build friendship with local people supported by us, local energetic moms!
(MBA, CPA in US)

Ayumi Nakamura

Ayumi Nakamura

Hi, I’m Ayumi. I was born and raised in Kyoto. I experienced studying abroad in London after graduating from university. I learned English and Interior Design. At the same time, I also went for a trip to Spain, France and Morocco. That was very valuable experience for my life. On a personal note, I have one daughter and two sons. I like to go for a family vacation, the place where children can enjoy. I also like visiting interior shops. I used to work in The Ritz-Carlton hotel for 6 years, and there I learned genuine hospitality and great services for the guests. A lot of attractive places are in Kyoto. Please come to sense omotenashi and find a new Kyoto with your kids.
(Bachelor of Arts, Life Organizer)

Ayako Namikawa

Hi. I’m Ayako Namikawa. I was born and raised in Kyoto. I have a 8-year-old boy. I love communicating with various people. After I earned the national license of Speech and Language Therapist, I had been working at a kindergarten for children with disabilities as a speech and language therapist. After giving birth to my son, I started to work at my father’s fish shop and deepen my knowledge of health and foods. I love kids and cooking. I want to show you how wonderful Japanese food is.
(BA in foreign language, Natinal license of Speech and Language Thrapist, Cooking license)

and more!   (coming soon..)


Family Experience Japan, a project of TAOYAKA & Co., provides Kyoto with Kids programs exclusively designed for the Family with full of intellectual curiosity.

Company NameTAOYAKA & Co.
Management TeamManaging director (Representative): Miho Akasaka
Line of BusinessTravel service / Educational service/ Consulting
*We are working basically on remote basis aiming to working style for next generation.
Please contact us from contact form or our messenger of SNS (kyotowithkids FB/Instagram).